If you are an entrepreneur, startup or small business looking to set-up an office, then you should definitely consider adding certain facilities aimed at improving productivity and making employees comfortable. We did some research and found that the following are some of the most important facilities every trendy office needs –
  • Wi-Fi Access
Wi-Fi is something that goes without saying. Most businesses require a Wi-Fi connection to execute at least one aspect of their business. However, continued Wi-Fi access is important. A good connection is necessary to eliminate any downtimes in the system, thus, improving efficiency. Also, providing continued access to employees, in cafeterias and lounges, is a great perk for them as well.
  • Lounge or Break Area
People function at their optimum level only when they are relaxed and comfortable. Regular break between work helps keep employees energised. A lounge or a small break area (if you don’t have enough space) is a great place for employees to come in, relax and unwind.  You could add a few board games, a music system or maybe a coffee machine to make set the mood.
  • Kitchen
A small kitchen is required in every office to make that occasional cup of coffee or tea. You can even go a step ahead and equip your kitchen with certain fittings like a microwave, a stove and a refrigerator. Encourage your office members to use the kitchen. They can even bring their own fresh meals from home and re-heat in the kitchen. As a great team building exercise, you could have one meal, every week or month, together with all employees. It can be like a pot-luck thing.
  • Bathrooms
A clean and fresh bathroom is an essential. Adding shower rooms to your office bathrooms can be a nice addition. You can even encourage your employees to walk or cycle to the office which would help them keep fit and they can shower and freshen up in the office.
  • Printers and Stationery
Even though most work is done digitally nowadays, yet there are some documents that need to be printed. Hence, it would be ideal to install a good quality printer in your office. Also keep a good stock of pens, papers, highlighters, notepads, pencils and other things.
Maintaining an office is real hard work. Not only do you need room for a lot of facilities but you also need to make sure that they are well maintained. Keeping an affordable office is key to saving costs for your business.
This is one of the reasons why people are shifting to coworking spaces as you get everything under one roof without having to worry about maintenance. If you are looking for a coworking space, check out The Co. It has locations in Dubai and London.