Here are some of the best, tried and tested productivity hacks that you must try –

  • Set clear goals for the day 

It is important to set clear goals for each day. Often we need to get a lot of things done but end up not finishing even a single task. This happens since we get burdened with things and feel overwhelmed. The best way to avoid this is to set clear goals for the day. You can do this every night before going to sleep; list out the top 3 goals for tomorrow and try to achieve them first thing the next day. 

  • Stop multitasking 

While a lot of people feel multitasking is the right thing to do, they can’t be farther from the truth. New research suggests that while multitasking might be able to get several things done at the same time, it decreases the quality and efficiency of work done. It also makes the brain tired and stressed out. Stop multitasking and focus on one thing at a time. Give your best to the task at hand. 

  • Keep your workspace clutter-free 

Clean your workspace and remove any clutter you find. Keep your desk tidy and only keep the things that you actually need throughout the day. Don’t keep any unwanted things as they will end up distracting you from work. 

  • Limit use of social media sites and apps

One of the things that has drastically reduced productivity in people is the frequent use of social media sites and applications. Whenever you sit down to work, block the social media sites and applications. Don’t get distracted by the notifications or messages. Focus on the work at hand; and, allocate some time every day to spend on such sites. 

  • Prioritise rest 

It is also important to take rest to increase productivity. It will help relax both the mind and body so that you can perform better. Try to take at least 6 hours of deep sleep every day. You can also take regular breaks while working to feel refreshed. Take a small 10 minutes break and walk around or stretch your muscles. You will immediately feel refreshed and energised. 

These are some of the best productivity hacks that have consistently shown great results. Try to inculcate these things in your daily routine and you will see a significant improvement in your productivity and efficiency levels. 

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