Now we know what you must be thinking — what on earth is an experience agency? Well, SENSATE believes that when companies are able to nail a particular emotion amongst their customers. Now, these emotions would be particular to their brand, but they can be transferred to customers in any part of the journey, from engaging with employees or even shopping at their stores. Experience is what gets customers coming back — it builds loyalty, and brands know it!

Ben came up with the idea for SENSATE based on the gap he saw in the retail industry whilst living his previous life working at renowned luxury brands (such as LVMH, Burberry, and Tiffany & Co.). Ben had worked all over the world and could unanimously see that there was one glaring gap in the market: a focus on the experience that a brand promised. Through SENSATE, Ben helps companies achieve their customer experience goals whilst levering business analytics, people development, and customer-centricity.

Being a resident of Dubai, Ben decided to set up SENSATE at home, and that’s where The Co-Dubai came in. From the getgo, The Co-Dubai helped Ben get a business license — which, for those of you who already tried to get one in the UAE understand what a complicated maze it can be at times. Once the license was sorted, The Co-Dubai gave Ben access to an office address, which is part of the business licensing process.
Also, as startup funding is often tight, The Co-Dubai was also able to offer Ben affordable, fully-kitted office space in the heart of Downtown Dubai. But as time would have it, SENSATE grew! As a baby would out-grow its clothing, Ben soon needed to upgrade from a flexi-desk to a permanent office at The Co-Dubai — especially as he hired people to join his team. After all, they gotta sit somewhere!

Most recently, SENSATE ran a hackathon for good with Big Bloom, a non-profit organization that accelerates social innovation. This hackathon was successfully run virtually and had multiple participants and hosts — basically proving that Ben has incredible people skills! In fact, Ben attributes the networking opportunities that The Co-Dubai provided to be its utmost value-add. Every day that Ben came into work was an opportunity to meet people who were all looking to grow through partnerships and collaboration.

Next time you’re at The Co-Dubai, stop by the SENSATE office and introduce yourself to Ben!