You were there, so we’re sure you remember, right? Those nights (and days) sitting at home, trying to order bananas and toilet paper, only to find that Carrefour wouldn’t deliver them to you for another month! Banana bread would’ve stopped being a TikTok trend by then.

But this problem was bigger than baking, it severely hindered mobility across the board across many e-commerce industries. Delivery services, specifically last-mile delivery were simply a nightmare!

Beyond the supply of efficient delivery systems, the increasing demand for delivery didn’t help things either. As more and more people wanted to order workout gear and groceries online, it became increasingly difficult for brands and service providers to deliver within a reasonable time, let alone expedited shipping. No business wants to turn down customers, so you can imagine how tricky the situation was for everyone to work around.

Mozaffar decided that enough is enough! He took matters into his own hands, by taking a common problem and making a business out of it. Soon enough, he created a logistics system that helped people get their deliveries in the blink of an eye! Well, obviously not that fast, but definitely faster than Carrefour. Mozaffar named his business BeeThere Delivery. We wonder if he wanted to liken it to the way bees were so busy working all day …?

You’re surely wondering: another delivery company, what makes it any different than the rest? In addition to speed, BeeThere’s live tracking feature is there for you to keep track of exactly where your bananas are at. No more missing out on viral TikTok trends. Talk about efficiency!

As with any growing beehive, BeeThere Delivery has been expanding since they launched too. The business started off with a fleet of just motorbikes and now accommodates deliveries using cars. They currently operate in Dubai and Sharjah and hope to expand their reach to the other emirates. Currently, you can see Mozaffar and his team out of their hive at The Co-Dubai.