Let’s face it, we bet you that when you were playing The Sims when you were younger, building your house and furnishing it was the best part, right? Delfina Cortese gets to do this for a living (lucky her) right out of Dubai! Delfina is a master at execution. Delivering on time and within scope is paramount to client success, and it is through impeccable service that Delfina is able to grow her business — mostly through word of mouth. That being said, she started her business in this space on the backbone of extensive experience locally on the field whilst working at Emaar. Being able to own her time was a motivating factor for her making the jump to entrepreneurship.

Given the competitive nature of the industry that Delfina works in, she’s able to differentiate by offering an end-to-end service offering — from concept inception, to on-site construction, to turnkey handover. Instagram-worthy interiors? Yes, please!

These days, Delfina works with clients between Italy, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Being a Milan-born interior architect herself, Delfina has created a bridge between her networks in both Europe and the Middle East.

Delfina spends most of her time in Downtown Dubai. She lives there, works there, and even trains at a gym there! In fact, her advice to other entrepreneurs is to center your daily tasks around a central location so that you can fit everything that you want to in your day, instead of spending time commuting around. If you can score a place to have client meetings that’s on-brand and close to where you live, then you’ve unlocked a key factor for success!